Monday, September 18, 2006

Dead Bikes of New York

sadnessWhile browsing out the newest addition to my blog roll, Bicycle Diaries, I found a link to New York Photographer J. Shumachers blog What about the Plastic Animals  and his gallery called The Abandoned Bicycles of New York.

According to his biography, Joe lives in Harlem. He walks around a lot and takes pictures of what he sees. He will be your friend if you feed him ice cream.

Abandoned bicycles usually triggers a soft spot in me when I stumble upon them. There is something very sentimental about them.  Seeing a obviously wrecked, sabotaged and ravaged bicycle usually trigger my inner rage.

check out the photo gallery

For some more amplified sentimentality check out  my previous post on the subject.

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Anonymous Alberto said...

Neat photo gallery. And I also got a chance to see the movie linked to your previous post. Very good, indeed.

10:09 pm  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

My friend, how did you get the photos in this into a neat 2x2 square? Woulod you send me the html format?

Also, tomorrow Chicago rides the mass most probably using my route!?!?!?

It's a lot more responsibility than I realized...


6:53 am  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

Wheelman, it's just one picture. I made a print-screen of the gallery and pasted it into Gimp where i trimmed it down. No magick at all i'm afraid. ;)

7:54 am  
Anonymous Camilla said...

Thanks for directing us to this wonderful collection of bike photos :) There is a certain beauty to dilapidation, I always think. Perhaps it has to do with Saudade.

11:52 am  
Anonymous Bill Smith said...

I often ride around New York by my favorite bicycle but I don't what is Dead Bikes.

5:31 pm  

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