Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Run Bike" or Springcykel in Swedish

 My youngest daughter, Mimmi, is having her third birthday soon and I have up till now been thinking that next summer will be a good time for her to taste the joys of cycling.

Reading Gwadzilla's post about Like-A-Bike, yesterday got me thinking they maybe we could start earlier with a Springcykel.

Springcykeln (Text in Swedish)

At a price of 990 SEK, roughly 90-100$, It seems like a bargain compared to the Like-A-Bike that sells for 279$ according to Gwadzilla. 

We tried training wheels with my youngest daughter, Siri, and my experiences from that is that she only picked up the bad habit of leaning on the training wheels all the time. That made the step to riding without the training wheels only harder.

My thoughts about the Springcykel , above, is that it will teach Mimmi balance, something that you don't learn with training wheels. Ok, you don't learn pedaling and that is vital too. But maybe the "running" will be a good pedaling proxy?  

Ok, even at 100$ it is still a bit pricey. But kids stuff is often easy to sell at the second hand market for a good price when she grows out of it and it's time for a real bike.

Link to Springcykel (Text in Swedish)

Movie (wmv) of the RunBike in action

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Blogger gwadzilla said...

I should look around the neighborhood

there has to be an older child who had one of these and has outgrown it


the kids bikes are amazingly heavy

how can such a small bike be so heavy

it is unfair

as it asks a small child to go up hill with a bike as heavy as themselves

immaging if my bike weighed as much as myself....


let me know how your daughter likes that option to training wheels

I would think that it would be in addition to the pedal bike
much like how the scooter does not replace the skateboard
it just gives the child another option

I can not wait till it gets cool enough for me to wear my wool Dirt Rag Jersey!

7:39 pm  

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