Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Less Is Too Much -- Last Prophecy

Last Prophecy

I almost had an Epileptic Seizure when i got this link from a friend today. It might be old news since the creation above won the Lowrider Bicycle of the Year Award in 2004, but it's an amazing view and read.

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Blogger cfsmtb said...

As much I as love decorated bicycles (and I've been known to decorate a few!), the whole lowrider scene leaves me cold. Believe it maybe the 'unridable' aspect? Thoughts?

2:16 am  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

The lowrider scene is just to funny to be ignored. I would never ride one of these machines but it's fun to watch from a distance :)

11:43 pm  
Anonymous Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...


Hee, hee. ;-D

11:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:44 pm  

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