Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cannondale's Amazing Invention

Cannondale's new product line of cycling apparel based on TrapTek(TM) technology has been recognized as one of 2005 coolest inventions by Time Magazine, in their annual "Most Amazing Invention of the Year" issue.

TrapTek's technology is a activated carbon fiber made from coconut shells. Cannondale utilizes this in their "Quadtex Carbon TM" fabric, which is used in their L.E. Carbon Collection of apparel.

The advantages of the new invention is better moisture wicking (45% better than current materials) and the ability to cool when warm, and warm when cold. Another great thing is the fabrics ability to reduce the Synthetics + Human Sweat odor to practically nothing by trapping the odor while working out.

Is this a Wool-Killer? Not sure but it sounds like it. I'm currently into wool since it already got most of the characteristics of the above material. But cycling clothes in wool are expensive and hard to find. At least here in Sweden.

I will definitely feel this out when it hits the stores.

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Anonymous Graham said...

I'm goig to have to get a hold of this issue of Time. Apparently there was a Trike/Bike of some kind that was also highlighted.

What's interesting is that Cannondale recently acquired Sugoi. Is this new invention coming from Cannondale's apparel division or the Sugoi division? Seems like duplication if they don't merge the two together.

2:54 pm  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

I just checked out Sugios website and their "technology" section. They didn't mention this new material in there so i guess it's a Cannondale thing.

10:38 pm  

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