Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kona Online Tech Support, 10 points

In my current mission to get a new bike, as a replacement for my old Dr. Dew that got stolen a couple of weeks ago, Kona's Online Tech Support has been really helpful.

Not sure how many bike manufacturers there is that run an online tech support forum. But if they don't they should look into it.

Since one of the candidates, the 2007 Sutra, isn't part of any LBS's stock here in Stockholm, I must buy it unseen and untested. Being able to perform a discussion with a dedicated tech support is vital and Kona really shines here.

My two main questions was about frame size and tire clearance.  Getting positive input on both straight from the horse's mouth practically seals the deal.

One positive side effect of this kind of communication is that the questions have been asked and the answers can easily be "googled" up by other clueless Sutra-shoppers.

Check out my thread here

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