Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kona says 'Hello Africa!'

image by DragonWoman

Kona has been given and accepted the task to design a robust bicycle for traveling the rough terrain of southern Africa.

This design and manufacturing task is part of the BikeTown Africa program , run by Kona, Bicycling Magazine and Bristol-Myers, that will help health care workers treat HIV and AIDS patients in remote locations in Botswana.

Kona will design and manufacture 200 bikes to be used within the program. Key design features are simplicity, robustness and maintainability.

Keep track of the progress over at the newly launched Kona BikeTown Blog.

Check out the press release over at Bicycling Magazine.

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Blogger Kenneth said...

Ha-KONA Matata!

12:16 pm  
Blogger Hjalti said...

This is a good thing, but how much better to work with the people in the countries in need to start them creating their own bikes and bike manufacturing.

3:11 am  

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