Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Want That Helmet, Not Excuses!

Ever wished you were Darth Vader when struggling with your daily commute? Wouldn't it be great to disable the respiratory system of the idiot behind you, hanging on his horn? Or perhaps use the force to turn the the traffic lights green in your favor?

Ted Selker, research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab has been developing the ultimate commuter bicycle helmet. OK, it lacks the features described above but what do you think of these other cool features?

  1. built in micro computer to realize the stuff below 
  2. built in GPS tracking device
  3. microphone for recording warnings linked to your current GPS position "Pot-hole ahead" etc etc.
  4. built in motion-sensor that can turn of the helmet when you put it on your shelf. Or turn the left blinker on when you lean your head left.
  5. built in mobile phone
  6. ability to connect your favorite mp3 player to the built in headset.
  7. mutes the music or phone when the microphone detects for example the siren of a nearby ambulance.
  8. Detect when you yell and activate a horn to further help you in your effort to get attention.
  9. Darth Vader look.

Ted Selker says that a mass produced version of the current prototype would sell for about 200$ at your LBS.

Future enhancements include connectivity via Bluetooth to be able to share information with fellow commuters.

Read more about Ted Selker other projects here...  

Link to Smart helmet points out the potholes | CNET

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Anonymous Alberto said...

Interesting, but some of the features make me wonder. Since I don't advocate the use of ipods, MP3 or similar devices it makes me wonder just a bit. And an incorporated cell phone? I thought that wasn't good for drivers? Is it good for cyclists? I know it will depend on the proper use of the device -- which seems very interesting -- don't get me wrong. Just some contrarian thoughts.

12:25 pm  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

Yeah, I'm also a baised toward not using earplugs and phones while riding. This helmet i just too much in my opinion. But watching the mother of invention at work is inspiring :)


12:06 pm  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

the voices in my head are enough

the headphones remove one very vital sense

if I am going to remove one of my five senses while commuting
it would be taste then smell
smell can come in handy
definitely not as vital as hearing

1:35 am  
Blogger gwadzilla said...


this is an image that I created a bit ago

I feel it is worth repeating

not unlike BMW: the obnoxious driver's machine

1:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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