Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Autumn Sales are here

Got an invitation to my LBS's to attend the sneak peak of their autumn sale that starts tomorrow. When I arrived there was at least 100 people outside waiting in line.

15-30% on the 2006 models where offered and people was ripping bikes of the walls. Including the Kona Explosif I had eyed out for myself before my commuter got stolen and I had to put my money elsewhere and postpone my mountain bike premiere.

Made no bargains but I took the opportunity to check out fenders and a rack for the new bike that hopefully will arrive before the end of this month.

SKS seems to be the best fender solution since I will only have to change the actual fender and can reuse the stays when I switch from wide winter to narrow summer fenders. The ones I had for the Dr. Dew was a pain in the butt to change. Hopefully these will be better.

When it comes to the rack. Tubus Cargo seems to be a light, sturdy and good looking alternative. On the minus side is the price, about 80 euros.

I got one fear confirmed about the Sutra. I was bit worried about the width of the Mavic 317 A Disc rims being too wide to fit 23c tires and the mech pointed out that 28c tires was the narrowest tires I could use.

I have grown accustomed to carve the asphalt with 23c tires filled with 8 bars of pure pressure on my Dr. and my road bike so I'm a bit worried about how these wider tires will feel.

Too bad fenders and racks aren't released on a annual basis. These items were, of course, not on the sale.

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