Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fixedgear on Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixedgear has put together an interesting read about his ventures in Fixed Gear Bicycling. Read about his steeds and get some information on Off-the-Shelf-Fixies available out there on the free market.

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Back on Track

Back on track. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been back in civilization for a couple of weeks but have had a hard time getting back to blogging. However, the summer has been filled with cycling and cycling related events so I’ll get back soon with some stories.

During the summer I have modified my Kona Dr. Dew from a slick flat-bar racer to a slick flat-bar Touring/Commuter machine. I bought fenders, a rear rack and panniers. It has turned the bike into a more versatile vehicle that can take a lot of load and it’s so nice getting rid of my smelly backpack. I’ll get some before/after pictures up soon.

Finally I have bought myself a HRM. I started buying a Polar CS200cad but ended up with a Polar s725 Tour Edition. It is a long and complicated story with an unhappy start and a heartwarming end that I’ll get back to later.

New in life is that my paternity leave is over. Those 11 months passed really quick. It has been a wonderful time being home with my youngest daughter, Mimmi. The last two weeks my girlfriend has adapted Mimmi to the daycare center and all has gone really sweet and she loves to be there.

My older daughter, Siri, has started school now and she also likes her new environment. Siri has really improved her bicycle skills this summer so now we can ride side by side to school everyday.

The fact that paternity leave is over means going back to work. I took the opportunity to say goodbye to my old job as an in-house Java-developer at Spray Network during the last months of my leave and say yes to my new job as a Java-developer consultant at Mogul. The change of jobs has had a bad impact on my commuting since my new commute is 1.5 km opposed to my old 6.5 km commute. I Really like my new workplace and colleagues. Lot’s of new challenges and new things to learn. The shortening of the commute is a drag, but you can’t have it all :-)

Right now, Life is Good :-)

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