Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tuesday Hill Intervals

Good ride. Did the same ride as last Tuesday and it felt good and hard. I must work on my endurance and find a way of not losing my speed and breath on long shallow climbs. It feels like I'm having trouble to estimate gearing and workload when doing these. I find steeper climbs more easy to do.

After the hill climb we celebrated the good weather by doing some regular riding. We did two loops on a popular course that ends in a long hardly noticeable descent of about 1.5 km where we managed to hold speeds round 50 km/h peaking at 57.3 km/h. Good God, speeding is the shit :)

Continued my efforts to eat a little less before trainging and it seems to work for me. No feeling of throwing up this time despite the fact that i put in some hard work during the intervals.

Distance: 45 km
Time: 1:41
Avg speed: 26.7 km/h
Top speed: 57.3 km/h

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