Friday, June 17, 2005

Eating before a ride, thanks all!

Asked for some advice regarding eating before an evening ride after feeling like throwing up after Tuesdays Hill Intervals. Not that intervals should make you feel good when you're at it, but I had a feeling that I maybe eat too much and/or too soon before the ride.

Got some good input from DC, VinoVelo and Jank, thank you all!

I'm in a special position right now since I'm home on paternity leave with my youngest daughter, Mimmi. I will return to work in August and will try to eat my lunch a little later than normal and do the bananas/oatmeal thing in the late afternoon and eat supper when i return from the ride.

Eating lunch later, is right now when I'm home with Mimmi, not an option. I will however try to eat less more often during the afternoon so I don't have to eat so much supper before the ride.

Yesterday before the distance ride i deliberately ate less than normal during supper and it felt better than usual during the ride. I usually carry a banana in my back pocket that I eat halfway through the ride. But yesterday i took a handful of dried apricots instead and that made it easier to nibble during the whole ride. I can really recommend this but be sure to have water at hands because the sweetness of them makes you mouth feel like it's filled with glue.

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