Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thursday Club Ride

Good but somewhat painful ride. I have a stingy sensation in the tendons above my left calf. I think i got it because I've been riding the big ring to much for a while. During the Thursday ride i concentrated on keeping my cadence high (>100) and kept the chain on the small ring almost all the ride. The stingy sensation comes on the upstroke and i still feel it a little now when i lift my left leg up. Hope it's not going to bother me next week.

Concentrating on small ring riding however gave me a whole different workout than i usually get on Thursdays and my butt and legs have felt a bit sore up until today (Sunday). I had no problems keeping up with the group on the "free-speed" sections although i had to pedal like a mad man :)

The new shorts was very good and i had no problem with them feeling to small during the ride. They fit like a glove and felt much more comfortable than my old ones.

Total ride time: 2:45
Total distance: 80 km
Avg speed: 29.2 km/h
Max speed: 62.4 km/h

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