Thursday, May 26, 2005

Keeping it Tight

Learned something new yesterday when i was shopping for Lycra. I have been using Gores Classic Windstopper 3/4-length Bib-Tights, size XL, because they are good when taking early spring and late fall rides. I also used them last summer but some days they are just to hot and they also give you a funny looking sun tan.

Went to my LBS to check out their stock and found a pair of Spanish Spiuk bib-shorts called Top-Ten. They looked good and comfy so i tried the Large size. I found them a bit short since the bib felt like it was carving into my shoulders. I asked the manager for a bigger size but he refused and said that they should be uncomfortable when standing up since when you sit on your bike your position will loosen up the bib. Being of the same length but a bit slimmer the manager said that he used Medium size himself.

Being a bit skeptic i asked if i could mount one of his bikes and try it. He was right so i bought a pair. Took a short spin yesterday and they felt good. I noticed that they fit better than my old tights specially in the back where the padding was flapping when not sitting on the bike. With the new bib-shorts, the whole padding had contact with the body all the time.

Tonight we do a distance ride and I'll get back with a mini-review on how it felt.

Lesson learned(if not proven wrong tonight):

Buy the tightest lycra you can fit in that feels comfortable when sitting on the bike. Don't buy it by the feel when standing up or walking around, then you'll get a pair that are to large.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Johan,

Thanks for the tips on these bibs. I've been eyeing them (for sex appeal) but have been a bit intimidated by them and it's not the best thing to show up in now-where mid america touring around in.

I've found that I've grown to like my tighter jersey's (fat roll be damned!) over the loose ones, and last year I made a horrible mistake and bought one without elastic bottom that flapped around and drove me nuts if anything was in the rear pockets.

Let me ask you this: what about rear pockets on this jumper things? Do you miss them? Do you wear a jesery over them?

6:53 pm  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

Hi Knox!

I wear a jersey over them. Depending on temperature a windstopper jersey from Gore if it's a bit chilly or a wool baselayer if it's warm. I think you would look just toooooo foxie if you rode without a jersey :D.

On the WS Jersey i have back pockets and they are great. I really miss them on my wool base layer. When my pile of money get's a little bit higher i'll buy one of these.

3:02 pm  

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