Tuesday, April 26, 2005

2nd Degree Encounter with a Recumbent

Tonight, when riding home from the introductory meeting for new members of my new bicycle club, Fredrikshofs IF, a Low Unidentified Flying Object (LUFO) flew past me at an intersection in the dark heading for my way home.

Wanting to have a closer look i switched to heavy gears and sprinted away. Boy these machines are fast downhill and on the flat. I stood no chance to overtake it. Luckily, along the way the bike path turned to uphill and halfway up the hill i managed to get broad side with it.

Both me and the guy in the recumbent was pretty exhausted by now but i managed to shout "Respect!" when going past him. The smile and look on that guys face made me, again, wish for further development in photographic implants.

I really long for the moment when i can get a test ride in one of these magnificent flying machines.

Luckily the Bicycle Testing Day (only in Swedish) is getting closer and according to rumors there will be recumbents there, available for test rides.

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