Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thursday Club Ride

Colder than a Well Diggers Ass as Tom Waits sang was a good description of tonight's ride. I rode with the slow group since i still have to practice my group riding skills. A couple of times we had to slow down to wait for people in the back. During these periods it got even colder. I guess it would have been better if we could have held the group together but the captains had a hard time with that tonight.

We had rain and snow today but the snow disappeared as soon as it hit the ground. The sun broke through at the start of the ride but we had light showers and even some hail.

The bike was a mess since some parts of town hasn't cleaned up the gravel yet. I managed to stay on the bike although i experienced a front wheel skid on the aforementioned Gravel of Doom. Really scary. In all, it felt good though so i will go next week even if the weather sucks. Wool underwear and long johns with windstopper shell on top works great.

Total distance: 55 km
Total time: 2:19
Avg Speed: 24 km/h
Max Speed: 46 km/h

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