Thursday, April 14, 2005

Book Recommendations

Being a novice road cyclist I had lots of questions that needed answers. Browsing the web is good if you want to check up something specific but when you want the larger picture nothing beats a Good Book.

Questions that needed answers was for example:
  • When, why and how should i ride?
  • Why does my penis fall asleep?
  • Why does my back hurt?
  • How does this fantastic machine really work?
  • Are you really supposed to go commando in your bike shorts?
  • How does my Shimano STI-Levers work.
  • How do you nutritionally prepare yourself for a ride?
  • etc. etc.
I aimed my browser for and with a little help of the review system i bought three books that i would like to recommend.

Smart Cycling
, by Arnie Baker

Smart Cycling covers a lot of topics for people at all levels and ambitions. Basic tips for finding a road bike that fits you. How to set up training schedules. A twelve-week stationary trainer workout plan that helped me a lot during the winter months.

Handling of the bike is covered really good. Learn how to do basic stuff like ascending, descending, breaking and cornering the right way.

Medicinal and nutritional aspects of riding is also covered in this book but you'll find even more in the book "Bicycle Medicine" below.

If you are race beginner you'll find race tactics and tips on how group riding works.

Bicycle Medicine, by Arnie Baker

If You want to dig deeper into bicycle medicine, nutrition and physiology than "Smart Cycling" provides, this is the book for you.

Covers both men's and women's health. This is the book where you can find out why you are suffering from "Penile Numbness" without having to ask the question out loud, and suggestions on how you can prevent it.

Learn how to prevent and treat injuries and check up on different medical conditions that are common among riders.

Learn how your "motor" works and how to optimize it through diet and nutrition.

Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, by Lennard Zinn

This book has been a real saver both mentally and economically.

Through simple and clear illustrations and instructions Zinn guides you on almost every aspect of building, maintaining and fixing your bike.

Zinn managed to dispel my misconception that fixing your bike is hard and better left to a professional. This book will make you want to do it yourself.

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