Sunday, March 27, 2005

Premiere Spring Ride

10 degrees Celsius, clear skies , moderate winds and good company by Per, a new acquaintace from the Swedish biker community, made the premiere ride on snow free bike paths a very enjoyable experience.

Per took the initiative by announcing a so called "Happy Ride" on the community forum. I grabbed the opportunity to follow with him. The Internet is fantastic :).

Before leaving home i switched my snow studded winter wheels to my road tyres on the Kona. Great gawd what a difference!!! It's like taking your ski boots off after a day on the slopes and sliding into sneakers. Like walking on the moon.

We traveled at audax speed (avg of about 22 km/h) for 50 km. Chatted about cycling and family life. Per is foremost a MTB-rider and he helped me mentaly a bit further on my way to become a owner of a "Forrest bike".

A good ride that we will be doing again with even more company from the community.

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