Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thursday Club Ride

Rode with the 30km/h group today. Good weather but a troublesome start with lots of waiting, slowriding due to people having mechanical problems and such. After 10km we got rolling and had a really fast and nice ride. Some of the licensed riders who usually ride with the fast group rode with us today because they wanted to take it easy since they had a race on Friday. They really whipped up the speed and provided good drafting.

Overall good riding, my legs felt great. I was a bit concerned that they would hurt and feel sluggish after the Tuesday hill intervals but on the contrary i felt stronger than on my previous rides. Good to know that pain pays off :)


Total distance: 74 km
Ride time: 2h 38 min
Average speed: 29 km/h
Max speed: 63.7 km/h

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