Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thursday Club Ride

Went out to the summer house on Ekerö Wednesday morning for the holidays and I had planned to bring my bike since the apex of the club ride loop is just 1 km from the house. The plan was to go solo down to the gathering point and the ride back to the apex with the club.

Got my thinking straight though and remembered that, at the cabin we just have an outside lake-water shower and that the ice disappeared from the lake just two weeks ago. According to my neighbor the temperature of the water was 5c. So i took the coffin back home and started from there instead. Got to work on my near freezing point shower endurance :)

Rode with the medium speed group again (30 km/h avg). The speed was ok but it wasn't as smooth as last time. The speed sections failed because half of the group didn't understand how the 'chain' was supposed to rotate and this lead to some irritation. We had another leader this time and he rotated the chain so that the outside line was the faster and the inner slower. The ride before we did this but then the outside line was the slower. I think this added to the confusion. However I have improved my pack-skills and no longer need to concentrate on closing gaps and braking all the time. Nice to notice some progress.


Total distance: 74 km
Ride time: 2h 38 min
Average speed: 29 km/h
Max speed: 59.7 km/h

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