Saturday, February 26, 2005


Had a nice chat through MSN Messenger with "The Cycling Dude" , Kiril Kundurazieff from sunny California, this morning. For him it was late night and warm and cozy outside. For me it was early morning and full winter. Talk about contrasts. Posted by Hello

Kiril was preparing for his 11 day vacation and have two bike trips planned for this week. Looking forward to get the report when he is back from the saddle.

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Blogger gwadzilla said...

Kirl is a trip!

the internet is wonderful for traveling the world right from our own living rooms...
it may not replace travel
but it most certainly keep us entertained until we can travel again...
I am currently dodging the snow of Washington DC while I vacation down south in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico
blogging and checking emails with the surf just 200 yards within view outside my window
would be on the beach... but the younger boys is taking a well needed nap!

I am still trying to recall if that is the correct Redford reference...
I know the image of Redford on horseback with the electric suit... but for some reason I feel that Electric Cowboys is not the reference you are looking for
my dial up connection is taking some of the pleasure out of surfing the web

8:18 pm  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

I will have to take your word for it
as I have not seen The Electric Cowboy or John Voight in Midnight Cowboy...

the beach is awesome
we are having a blast
but my heart is in the mountains

what is my point?
sometimes I do not know myself.

8:25 pm  
Blogger Johan Mörén said...

Hey Gwadzilla.

Glad you found my blog. I had a pretty hard time tracking down the film myself when writing the post. It's Electric Horseman not Electric Cowboy. Haven't seen the film myself (was ten years old when it came out in 1979) but the image of the lit cowboy somehow stuck. I guess i was still playing indians and cowboys in the forrest with my friends at the time.

10:15 pm  

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